Boat Builder Team Biographies

Team: The B. S. Way

Team Member #1 Bryce Becker from Newport, North Carolina is competing for his fifth time. He is not only skilled in building boats from scratch but also building cars from scratch too. He is a firefighter who has helped put out numerous forest fires recently, meaning he helped save the trees to only have others cut them down and use that wood to build a boat. He loves honey badgers because they resemble him in their fearlessness and they eat absolutely anything, the only difference is one has been put in the Guinness Book of World Records for its fearlessness and the other has not.

Team Member #2 Shelby Freeman, from Swansboro, North Carolina is competing for her second time, with more to come. She is certainly sugar and spice and all things nice, she sure brings the heat when building. She resembles the viciousness of a New Yorker trying to get a taxi cab on a rainy day. Her first experience with tools may not have been for the intended purpose, unless you count trying to curl your hair with a power drill, but has improved tremendously to using it to its full potential. She plans to use these newfound skills to help her team get a high placing.

Team: K-Construction

Team Member #1: Cody Keithan, Owner, K-Construction. Building and design are my passions.  I’ve been working in the construction field for over 20 years, establishing the Belfast-based business K-Construction in 1997.  Our mission at K Construction is to provide quality building, drafting, design, and general contracting services for residents of the unique Belfast area.

Two years ago, for K Construction’s annual Halloween celebration, I hosted a company pumpkin carving contest.  While I wasn’t going to enter my design into my own contest, I’m too competitive to not participate.  Have you ever seen a jack-o-lantern with a water feature?

It has been a while since we’ve had a construction challenge that was just for fun, and I look forward to the competition.

Team Member #2: Bruno Borzoni, Nautilus. Bruno is a Maine native bringing his 66 years of experience to the boat building challenge.