Team: The B. S. Way

Team Member #1 Bryce has lots of experience when it comes to building boats, and has traveled to each location to compete in the challenge.  He is a volunteer firefighter and spends on-call time saving the trees, so others can cut them down for him to build boats.  He likens himself to a Honey Badger for their fearlessness and ability to eat almost anything.

Team Member #2 Shelby got started in boat building when she was offered food in exchange for her help with building a couple of scout boats one weekend with Tom Russell.  Ever since she has been hooked on building boats.  She picked up her first power drill so she could be like her big sister with curled hair, but soon ended up with bangs because her hair was stuck in the drill.

Both have made it their mission to beat their coach Bobby Staab.

Team: K-Construction

Team Member #1: Cody Keithan, Owner, K-Construction. Building and design are my passions.  I’ve been working in the construction field for over 20 years, establishing the Belfast-based business K-Construction in 1997.  Our mission at K Construction is to provide quality building, drafting, design, and general contracting services for residents of the unique Belfast area.

Two years ago, for K Construction’s annual Halloween celebration, I hosted a company pumpkin carving contest.  While I wasn’t going to enter my design into my own contest, I’m too competitive to not participate.  Have you ever seen a jack-o-lantern with a water feature?

It has been a while since we’ve had a construction challenge that was just for fun, and I look forward to the competition.

Team Member #2: Bruno Borzoni, Nautilus. Bruno is a Maine native bringing his 66 years of experience to the boat building challenge.

The Veterans Wooden Boat Workshop (Kingston, NY)

Odin’s ScourgeGuardians of ValhallaVeteran Warrior Princesses
Team Members:
Frank Reggero
Ray Cocks
Robert Cousins
Kevin Keaveny
Nejla Reggero
Rebecca Keaveny
Why are we competing:
A few reasons, most importantly to let everyone see Veterans are not broken after they return from duty. We are a strong vital part of the community looking to continue the mission of service. Whether that is by assisting others or simply being a good citizen, we are here. Second, it is going to be a blast! None of us would be considered shipwrights, boat builders, or professionals in any regard when it comes to the Wooden boat world. However, we love a good time and guarantee some comic relief!
Summer Boat Build Project
We look forward to building a Kayak that will be donated to a very special local organization here in Ulster county (it is a surprise, we don’t want to release their name until its done:). Our combined effort will produce an awesome piece. We are honored that The Hudson River Maritime Museum and Riverport Wooden Boat School have agreed to Partner with us for this very special project.
Team Member Biographies:
Frank Reggero:
Franklin R. Reggero, born in Cheverly, Maryland in September of 1966. First born to a working class family who eventually moved to Saugerties, NY in 1976. Frank graduated from Saugerties High School in 1984 and immediately entered in the United States Army at the age 17.
He would go on to serve honorably for 24 years, operating in every major post-Vietnam era conflict before his retirement in 2008. Deployments include: East German border 1985- 1987; Central America, Honduras/El Salvador 1988-89; Desert Storm, 1991-92; Bosnia, Former Republic of Yugoslavia 1996; Kosovo 1999-2000; Korea 2000-01; Security Forces Bosnia 2001- 2002; Operation Iraqi Freedom I 2003-04, Airborne Invasion; Operation Enduring Freedom VI, Kandahar, Afghanistan 2005-06; and again, to Jalalabad, Afghanistan 2007-08.
His military awards and decorations include the Meritorious Service Medal, Joint Army Commendation Medal, 6 Army Commendation Medals, 5 Army Achievement Medals, Korean Defense Medal, Expeditionary Medal w/ 3 Bronze Stars, Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal, Iraqi and Afghanistan Campaign Medals w/2 Bronze Stars, NATO and Cold War Service Medals, Combat Parachutist Badge and Combat Action Badge, in addition to being a graduate of the United States Army Sergeants Major Academy.
Frank returned to his hometown of Saugerties, New York, with his wife Edina and daughter Nejla in August of 2010. He is a graduate of the University at Albany, BA Political Science and has an MPA from the Rockefeller College of Public Policy. Frank has worked for the New York State Senate, Ulster County Legislature, a private wireless corporation as a regional project manager and is currently employed as a Veteran Service Officer for Ulster County Veterans Service Agency.
Funny Fact: Frank has a Tickle me Elmo collection.
Ray Cocks:
Ray is a transplant to the area, his family moved to Woodstock in 1958. Starting with a
paper route, Ray worked a variety of jobs growing up in the area, as a dishwasher in old Deanies
a mechanic in Peper’s Garage, and for his father as a plumber’s helper.
On graduating high school and entering the Army he served 18 months in Vietnam over two tours. A civilian once again he worked in the trades until the 90’s. when he returned to school, eventually earning a bachelor’s degree in music.
Ray has been involved with various area choruses, some theater, and writing groups, he plays guitar and some piano.  More recently he has made several return trips to Vietnam and hopes to write about his experiences.
Funny fact: Ray is jealous of Frank’s tickle me Elmo collection.
Robert Cousins:
Goes by Bob is a naval gulf war veteran and project manager for Veterans Wooden Boat Workshop. Bob enjoys sailing and many other outdoor activities. That’s it.
Funny Fact: Bob is a pirate
Kevin Keaveny:
Moved to the Hudson Valley in 2004 and resides in Shandaken NY, about forty miles west of Kingston. He has always had a love for the water, boating community and Veterans. After returning from Afghanistan he decided to build a boat. During the construction process he realized its potential therapeutic value. That realization led to the inspiration of a program designed around Veteran reintegration, community stewardship and service. He knew a program like this would tap into the best resources our country has, Veterans.  A few years later and with the help of many good people, The Veterans Wooden Boat Workshop was born. Kevin was so inspired by the people and community, he left the Technology industry to attend Marist college and Pursue a degree that will further develop the Workshop and other programs aimed to assist Veterans and the community. If you are a struggling Veteran or know of one, please feel free to contact him 
Funny Fact: Has a terrible voice but loves to sing.
Rebecca Keaveny and Nejla Reggoro are the youngest team members and daughters of the founders of The Veteran Wooden Boat Workshop. They are both very competitive and take pride from whooping the boys team at the competition in Kingston NY.
Funny Fact: Nothing, they are our daughters all boys are banned and must keep a 50 meter distance…

Team Name: Everlasting Escape 

Member #1: Josh Chouinard is an Electrician who has been in a boat before. He thinks it might have been made out of plywood. And the first thought he had to himself was, “Man, wouldn’t it be fun to build this under pressure in 4 hours?” 

Member #2: Jenna Chouinard is the wife that got looped into helping her husband build a boat. Her response to his statement was, “No, building a boat in 4 hours doesn’t sound fun at all.” But he signed them up anyway. She’s driven a nail before, without breaking her own nail, so we chalked that up as qualified. They also run their own business, Everlasting Escape, which is a Maine clothing brand that donates to the Land For Maine’s Future program. They’ll be repping their apparel!

TEAM: The Engineers

Jonathan Duncan  

Currently a senior studying mechanical engineering at the University of Hartford. I work for the jet engine manufacturer Pratt and Whitney Aircraft. This is my second year competing in the boat building competition, hoping to finish in less than 3 hours 59 minutes and 46 seconds. 

Roy Cavanaugh

Is a land lubber from Waterbury, CT with a wife, four daughters, grand-daughter, mother-in-law, three chickens (hens, of course) and a female cat. A civil engineer who works as a Public Works Director in Watertown, CT. He provides 10 thumbs, a weak back and a weak mind to his soon-to-be son-in-law, J.D. (see above). He was lured to Belfast by the heroic efforts of his brother-in-law, Dave Crabiel. He believes he can make boats that float by using copious quantities of duct tape and Gorilla Glue®. This will be his third attempt in the boat building contest.The

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