Team: The B. S. Way

Team Member #1 Bryce has been to each location multiple times, but his favorite one is in Belfast, Maine because the view is so majestic and peaceful.  He also likes the steel drum band that plays during the build because he makes it his goal to fill the drums up with saw dust before they leave.  Thanks to Cody Keithan, he sometimes goes on Milwaukee tool buying sprees and uses boat building as an excuse for why he bought it, so look for any fancy power tools he might have hidden up his sleeve.

Team Member #2 Shelby was introduced into the world of boat building by helping Tom Russell build scout boats years ago, she has been hooked on it ever since.  Her first experience with tools may have not been for the intended purpose, unless you count trying to curl your hair with a power drill and ending up with bangs, but has improved tremendously to using it to its full potential.  She is also known for breaking countless oarlocks while rowing, so make sure to get a front row seat!

Team: K-Construction

Team Member #1: Cody Keithan, Owner, K-Construction. Building and design are my passions.  I’ve been working in the construction field for over 20 years, establishing the Belfast-based business K-Construction in 1997.  Our mission at K Construction is to provide quality building, drafting, design, and general contracting services for residents of the unique Belfast area.

Two years ago, for K Construction’s annual Halloween celebration, I hosted a company pumpkin carving contest.  While I wasn’t going to enter my design into my own contest, I’m too competitive to not participate.  Have you ever seen a jack-o-lantern with a water feature?

It has been a while since we’ve had a construction challenge that was just for fun, and I look forward to the competition.

Team Member #2: Bruno Borzoni, Nautilus. Bruno is a Maine native bringing his 66 years of experience to the boat building challenge.

Team Name: Build North

CJ Perry:

I was born and raised in downeast Maine. Started in the trades right out of high school moving south in search of higher wages. I spent 5 years in my early 20’s building custom homes on Martha’s Vineyard. I spent many years on the road working my way around the country with my tool belt. Never without work, carpentry has allowed me to live comfortably wherever I went. Always coming back home though to where I make my best living and am close to friends and family. I’m an a musician and an avid motorcyclist.

Now working with my partner Tim Moorhouse as Build North, building unique custom homes.

Tim Moorhouse:

I hail from the old country and moved here many years ago. After getting married we moved to downeast Maine to start a small farm and raise our two sons. Trained in Architecture I’ve designed countless homes along the Maine coast, and worked all over the world on a wide range of projects, including designing a large Buddhist temple in India for the Dalai Lama.

Now  teamed up with CJ building custom homes, providing a full design/build service including furniture and lighting fixtures.

Also a musician and motorcyclist, and CJ and I perform regularly together as an acoustic duo.

Team: Beaufort to Belfast

Tom Russell, Cabinet Maker, Sea Level, NC

Tom has been a cabinet maker for over 30 years. He has competed many times in the Beaufort, NC Challenge and once in the Georgetown, NC Challenge. He has also been a judge at both the Georgetown and Beaufort Challenges. He has visited multiple times and demonstrated how to build a wooden boat in under four hours.

Kenna Stone, High School Senior, New Windsor, NY

Kenna is 18 and lives in New Windsor, NY she moved there from coastal North Carolina for her dad’s job. She calls herself a Marine Corps brat, and is also a runner. She’s competed in three competitions, twice in Beaufort, NC and once in Kingston, NY. This will be the second time she’s competed with Tom.